Sustainability has become a driver of economic growth as global demands for diminishing resources increase, renewable and alternative energy technology needs expand and environmental concerns heighten. Maintaining the safety and health of the workforce is also critical to ensuring a sustainable manufacturing system. NCMEP maintains staff experts that can identify energy savings, consult on environmental concerns and train your employees on effective safety strategies throughout your facility.

Energy Assessments and Reccommendations

Understand modern strategies for reducing costs through energy savings with NCMEP. Advice and training on techniques for improving energy efficiency in manufacturing and establishing certified energy management systems (ISO 50001) are available for small and midsize manufacturers.

NCMEP will connect your interest and need to the proper resources. Solutions for energy efficiency and management are tailored to investments appropriate to each company.

NCMEP Success Stories in Energy Assessments

MWW, Inc.  –  Hickory Nut Gap, NC

Kayser-Roth Corporation – Burlington, NC



Environmental Regulations and Management

Many manufacturers must respond to customer requirements around environmental management systems (ISO 14001) as well as react to the challenges and changes of state and federal environmental regulation.

NCMEP helps businesses understand how environmental requirements align with company strategies. Solutions are provided that reduce operating expenses and avoid the costs of unnecessary fines.

NCMEP Success Stories in Environmental Solutions

Nester Hosiery – Mount Airy, NC


Health and Safety Services

Manufacturing facilities are well known for a variety of health and safety risks to employees. In addition to the negative humane effects of injury, companies can be weighed down from the costs associated with preventable incidents.

NCMEP maintains experienced trainers and evaluators ready to assist in a variety of health and safety concerns in manufacturing including the handling of hazardous materials, the operation of machinery, and maintenance of facilities.

NCMEP Success Stories in Health and Safety

Cascades Tissues Wagram, NC

Pearl Therapeutics Inc. – Durham, NC

Valley Fine Foods – Forest City, NC