Get Ready to Engage: The Premier Engagement Network for NC Manufacturing


mfgNC Connections (formerly known as MMIR) is a knowledge management and business-to-business hub for North Carolina’s vibrant manufacturing base.

mfgNC Connections creates and maintains local, statewide and national channels for interactive learning and profitable engagement.

There are four ways to get involved in mfgNC Connections:

  • MNC: A directory of NC Manufacturers. MNC’s robust search feature allows manufacturers to localize their supply chains and/or increase their online visibility. NC-based manufacturers can list their businesses for free. Enroll as a NC manufacturer in MNC
  • mfgNC Connections Membership: Once enrolled in MNC, manufacturers who want to take engagement to the next level can do it through this extensive network. Become a MfgNC Connections Member
  • mfgNC Connections Sponsorship: Companies who want to make their brand more visible to NC manufacturers can take advantage of several levels of sponsorship opportunities. Become an annual mfgNC Connections Sponsor
  • NCMEP Manufacturing Connector: Help spread the message about manufacturing in NC! Become an NCMEP Manufacturing Connector