Tommy Kirk

At a young age, right before going off to college, Tommy Kirk’s father, a General Contractor, gave him the advice to learn a trade saying, “No one can take it from you, and if you don’t like it you’ll always have something to fall back on.” And so Tommy decided to become a Machinist. His reasons were entirely practical: it allowed him to solve problems, which he enjoyed, there were good careers available, and his starting salary was enough to raise a family on. And so he began. But once he started, he fell in love with it. He soon set a goal to run his own business. Over the years, he perused several possibilities. While his ventures into entrepreneurship proved exciting, he always ran into a dead end until he met his mentor and eventual business partner,Bill Murphy. Murphy hired Tommy as General Manager of Alotech and taught him the ins and outs of business ownership. Bill’s philosophy was to develop people not just products. Together they helped the company grow from 5 full-time employees generating $500k in sales to 50 employees with over $8.5M in sales. And Tommy has whole-heartedly adopted Bill’s business philosophy, which seeks to find ways to help employees succeed.