In Fall 2016, NC State Industry Expansion Solutions and NC State Athletics are very excited to announce the inaugural  “Celebrate Manufacturing”,  a unique, groundbreaking event aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of a career in manufacturing in North Carolina.

The date of “Celebrate Manufacturing” will be released very soon!


This first-ever, football gameday event will complement the national Manufacturing Day efforts and provide a better awareness for today’s modern manufacturing.

We will advance some of the key manufacturing industry goals through a collection of activities:

  • Communicate how North Carolina’s manufacturing industry has evolved into a high tech, advanced manufacturing process, much different from its historical position in the state.
  • Provide a showcase for the manufactured goods currently being produced by various industry segments from across our state.
  • Engage with the next generation of manufacturing workers and leaders by building interest in this career path at an early age with “hands on” interactions on game day.

This truly will be a day for showing industry pride, where all sectors of the industry can join together to promote and build interest in North Carolina manufacturing.

Be a part of “Celebrate Manufacturing”

This initiative will help to increase awareness and generate a positive impact for the manufacturing sector throughout the state for years to come, but significant support is needed from strong industry partners.